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Understanding Ohnut

Ohnut UK Products at Pelvic Relief

At Pelvic Relief, our mission was to bring together Unique Products for Therapy. Our community are all managing a condition that affects their gynaecological or pelvic health. Whether directly or indirectly a change to your pelvic health can result in painful sex which can profoundly impact your quality of life. That’s why we are proud to offer Ohnut, an innovative device designed to provide comfort and enhance intimacy when deep penetration causes pain. 

What is Oh nut?

Ohnut is a revolutionary product specifically created to alleviate painful sex by controlling the depth of penetration. Designed by necessity, Emily Sauer herself was experiencing painful sex and worked with clinicans to develop Ohnut. 

Ohnut is formed of a set of rings that form a stackable, wearable device that is worn externally at the base of the penetrating partner. Ohnut rings sit comfortably around the base of the shaft creating a squishy buffer allowing you to adjust the depth of penetration to a level that feels comfortable for you. Made from soft, stretchy, and latex-free material, Ohnut is both comfortable and safe to use.

Key Features of Ohnut Products

Soft and Stretchy: Ohnut rings are crafted from a soft, stretchy material that comfortably adapts to your body. This ensures a snug yet flexible fit, providing the comfort you need during intimate moments.

Latex-Free: For those with latex allergies or sensitivities, Ohnut products are latex-free, ensuring they are safe and comfortable for everyone to use.

Customisable Depth Control: Ohnut is made of 4 stackable Ohnut rings that allows you to control the depth of penetration. By adding or removing rings, you can customise the experience to find the perfect level of comfort and pleasure for you and your partner.

How Ohnut Products Enhance Your Sex Life

There are many reasons you may be struggling with painful sex. Whether due to a shortening of the vaginal canal after a hysterectomy, due to endometriosis, menopause, vulvodynia, vaginismus or other pelvic health condition Ohnut products are designed to transform your sex life by reducing discomfort and enhancing intimacy. 

If you experience pain during deep penetration, anxiety and fear will then result in a protective spasm in the pelvic floor which will feed into a cycle of increased pain. Ohnut helps prevent sex reaching the depth that is causing pain, reducing anxiety and allowing for a more enjoyable sexual experience without the fear of pain.

Having control over penetration depth can significantly increase your confidence during sex. This can lead to a more relaxed and pleasurable experience for both you and your partner boosting comfort and confidence.

Pain-free sex fosters a deeper connection between partners, improving intimacy and strengthening your relationship.

Ohnut Vibrating Ring: Adding Extra Pleasure

An exciting addition to the Ohnut range in the UK at pelvic Relief is the Ohnut vibrating ring. Vibration can enhance pleasure for both partners by stimulating blood flow, reducing pelvic floor spasm and helping individuals to reach orgasm. Ohnut Vibrating ring can stack with Ohnut at any level allowing you to explore exactly what is right for you.

How to Use Ohnut Products

Using Ohnut products is simple and intuitive. Apply a generous amount of lubricant (remember we always recommend the YES or Desert Harvest lubricants) to Ohnut and the shaft (plus some for you), choose the right number of rings for you. If you are unsure, start with 4 - you can always reduce - gently slide the rings into place. Communicate, relax and enjoy the experience.

Where to Buy Ohnut Products in the UK

At Pelvic Relief we were the first stockists of Ohnut in the UK. We continue to support hundreds of clinicians and patients across the country to have access to this unique product. We ship all our products from our warehouse in Herefordshire in unmarked discreet boxes 

Testimonials from Leading Healthcare Professionals

“I work as a psychosexual therapist and see a lot of women experiencing painful sex. The Ohnuts are one of the best products I have ever been able to recommend to my patients.

They are particularly good for patients with endometriosis, not only so they can experience pain free penetrative sex but also really helps when trying to conceive, making penetration not only possible but pleasurable too.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone experiencing painful sex for whatever the reason.” Trudy Haninngton, Psychosexual Therapist

“Particularly with women who have endometriosis, Ohnut can help a lot of couples have comfortable sex again.” Stephanie Prendergast, Pelvic Physiotherapist.