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Products for Pelvic Health


As a breast cancer survivor who underwent radiation I can tell you that this product is invaluable. It helps with pain and healing.


It was immediately effective for me, soothed my bladder and stopped the frequency.

Miranda Woods - IC patient

I now dilate with no pain. Thank you so much for these amazing products and fantastic service.

Beth Turner

Particularly with women who have endometriosis, Ohnut can help a lot of couples have comfortable sex again.

Stephanie Prendergast MPT Pelvic Pain + Rehabilitation Co-founder

The shape lends itself well to be used all over the body in order to feel fully relaxed which enables arousal to occur easily and naturally.

Trudy H

The therapeutic EZmagic wand is made to a very high standard. It had been invaluable in helping to relieve my hypertonic pelvic floor. Easy to use & comes with good instructions.

Denise F

Great product. Helped me a lot 5 stars!

Kaman C

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