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As a breast cancer survivor who underwent radiation I can tell you that this product is invaluable. It helps with pain and healing.


It was immediately effective for me, soothed my bladder and stopped the frequency.

Miranda Woods - IC patient

I now dilate with no pain. Thank you so much for these amazing products and fantastic service.

Beth Turner

Particularly with women who have endometriosis, Ohnut can help a lot of couples have comfortable sex again.

Stephanie Prendergast MPT Pelvic Pain + Rehabilitation Co-founder

The shape lends itself well to be used all over the body in order to feel fully relaxed which enables arousal to occur easily and naturally.

Trudy H

The therapeutic EZmagic wand is made to a very high standard. It had been invaluable in helping to relieve my hypertonic pelvic floor. Easy to use & comes with good instructions.

Denise F

Great product. Helped me a lot 5 stars!

Kaman C

What We Do

At Pelvic Relief, we provide specialised products to help manage and treat a wide range of pelvic health conditions. From painful sex to urinary tract infections and bladder pain, to symptoms associated with menopause and gynaecological cancer treatments, and much more. 

Our products include high-quality vaginal dilators, silicone dilators, and transgender dilators designed to ease pelvic pain and improve pelvic floor function. We also offer supplements and vitamins to support your vaginal microbiome, restore vaginal health, manage pain, support rehabilitation and maintain overall pelvic well being. Additionally, our premium lubrication options enhance comfort and effectiveness. Whether you’re managing chronic pelvic pain or seeking to improve your intimate health, at Pelvic Relief we offer expert solutions.

We always work closely with healthcare professionals. For assistance in finding the right help or for any product related enquiries, please contact us at and we will be happy to support you.

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