Managing Intimate Health and Sex After Hysterectomy with Dr Leila Frodsham

by Eleanor Gardner on March 17, 2021

Hysterectomy can be a daunting process. Navigating intimate health and sex after a hysterectomy can be complicated and many women feel that they cannot access the support or information they need to move forward. 

Leila Frodsham is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Specialist in Psychosexual Medicine and Menopause. She graduated from medical school in 1995 and has worked in Women's Health since, with over 10 years at a Consultant level. Her special interests are in sexual pain disorders, sexual difficulties after cancer and fertility treatment, menopause, managing gynaecological conditions with non-surgical techniques and tocophobia (morbid fear of childbirth). She is passionate about improving women's healthcare and works in both undergraduate and postgraduate education. 

In this free webinar hosted by YES Organic Lubricants our founder Eleanor Gardner joined Lavinia Winch to learn from Dr Leila Frodsham and join a discussion covering reasons for carrying out a hysterectomy, the different types of surgery and the impact surgery may have on sexual function. The webinar covers ideas and useful tips for getting sex back on track and when and how to seek help and support.