Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which can affect any part of the skin, but it most often affects the genital skin (vulva) and the skin around the anus. It can start in childhood or adulthood (usually after the menopause) and affect girls or women of any age.

Many sufferers report an inability to have sexual intercourse with their partners due to tearing, splitting, bleeding and extreme burning sensations during intercourse. This is because the skin on the vulva and around the vagina becomes thin and the vagina opening shrinks due
to atrophy and scarring. Many ladies report that they lose their Labia Minora (inner Lips) and their clitoris becomes buried under skin resulting in tearing and splitting in this area during intercourse and when wiping themselves after urination.

Designed for individuals managing a range of vulvovaginal conditions YES OB is an organic oil based lubricant that can be used daily, with dilators or for intercourse.

To access the right medical support it is really important to discuss your symtpoms with your GP. For detailed information on lichen sclerosus, including treatments, research and links to support groups, vist the Lichen Sclerosus and Vulval Cancer UK Awareness website.

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