Intimate Health

Intimate health is something that affects every woman. It can refer to any gynaecological or sexual concern ranging from natural body changes throughout our lives to managing the changes that happen after undergoing radiation therapy.

Many women don’t talk about their intimate health and find it embarrassing to seek help when things aren’t going as planned. We are here to help reduce the embarrassment, make talking about intimate health OK and enable you to improve your intimate health for good.

We work closely with gynaecologists, women’s health physiotherapists, psychosexual therapists and nurse specialists to ensure we only offer carefully selected products.  Our products are used to treat medical conditions which make our lives much more difficult than they need to be. We can help you to maintain a healthy intimate life; support the ability to engage in healthy (and pain free) sexual activity or to manage conditions that can affect other aspects of your daily life.

Intimate health doesn’t have to be a taboo subject. Women should feel comfortable enough to talk about the issues they experience with their intimate health.  Our aim is that after using just one of our products, women will feel better in every aspect of their lives and will experience strong intimate health for the rest of their lives.

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At Pelvic Relief we offer a unique range of products that support individuals to successfully self-manage a range of pelvic health conditions.

We are a small British company and our products are recommended by Healthcare Professionals.