Genital Reconstruction Surgery

Genital Reconstruction Surgery (GRS), often described as Gender Confirmation Surgery (GCS), Gender Reassignment Surgery, Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) or Male-to-Female Surgery (MTF), is a surgical procedure that changes a person’s genitalia to match that of the gender they identify with. During this procedure, surgeons will transform the transgender person’s pelvic area to create a neo-vagina. This procedure is also known as vaginoplasty. Post-operative vaginal dilation therapy is an integral component of keeping a transgender woman’s neo-vagina functional.

GRS surgeons will advise their patients on the proper use and frequency of post-op dilation. As part of their physical transition, a transgender patient will typically begin using vaginal dilators a few days after surgery. Vaginal dilation therapy is almost always required for life, as sexual intercourse in place of dilation may not be sufficient. Our GRS dilators are  made to address the specific anatomical needs of transgender women who have undergone GRS.

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