EZMagic and the treatment of male pelvic pain with Gerard Greene

by Eleanor Gardner on January 29, 2021

Male pelvic pain is a common and often debilitating condition. The intensity and location of the pain will vary between individuals but may include lower abdominal pain, pain in the testicles, penile pain, pain under the perineum or pain around the anus. Other symptoms may include urinary frequency, ejaculatory pain, pain with bowel movement or pain when sitting. This can understandably result in anxiety and stress.

We are honoured to work with leading Men's Health Physiotherapist Gerard Greene. Gerard's expertise in the area of male pelvic pain leads him to treat patients from all over the UK for this condition. He is a very experienced physiotherapist who combines working in the Harborne Physiotherapy and Acupuncture clinic in Birmingham with teaching physiotherapy courses in the UK, Ireland and internationally.

In the first of 2 videos Men's Health Physiotherapist Gerard has taken time to explain the importance of seeking out the right healthcare professional to treat your pain and how he incorporates the EZMagic in the treatment of male pelvic pain.

Gerard can be found in clinic at harbornephysio.co.uk or tweeting @gearardgreenephy