Soul Source Vaginal Dilators

What are dilators?

Dilators come in various sizes and materials, such as silicone or plastic, and are typically shaped like cylinders or tapered cones.

What is dilation therapy?

The vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft flexible lining. Constriction of the vagina can be caused by radiation therapy, surgery, ageing or may be due to involuntary spasms of the muscles of the vaginal wall. All of which can result in pain with sexual activity or difficulty in allowing your medical practitioner access as part of your medical treatment.

Vaginal dilation therapy is a treatment that may be recommended for women to help restore vaginal capacity, to expand the vagina in width and depth, to provide elasticity to tissues and also allow for comfortable sexual activity.

Soul Source dilators are selected for their unique shapes and material properties.

What’s the difference between diameter and circumference?

The measurements provided for our dilators are for diameter and length.

Diameter and circumference are two ways to measure a circular object.

Diameter is the distance through a circle, a straight line from any one point on the outside, through the center to the opposite side.


Circumference is the distance around a circle, starting at any fixed point, going around the outside and returning to the same point.


Imagine taking an trip around the world, starting and ending at the same place. The distance traveled would be the circumference of the earth. Now imagine tunneling through the center of the earth coming out again on the opposite side. This distance would be the diameter of the earth.

How do I use my dilators?

Step 1: Consult with a Healthcare Provider
It is crucial to consult with a healthcare provider experienced in sexual health to determine the appropriate use of vaginal dilators. They can provide guidance, address any concerns, and create a personalised plan based on your specific needs.

Step 2: Select the Right Dilator
Choose a dilator set that includes multiple sizes, starting with the smallest size and gradually progressing to larger ones. Ensure the dilators are made of body-safe materials and use water-based lubricants to facilitate insertion.

Step 3: Create a Calm and Comfortable Environment
Find a quiet, private space where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Engage in deep breathing exercises or other relaxation techniques to help reduce anxiety and promote muscle relaxation.

Step 4: Begin with External Stimulation
Before inserting the dilator, gently massage the external genital area to stimulate natural lubrication and increase blood flow, promoting relaxation.

Step 5: Lubrication and Insertion
Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the dilator and the opening of the vagina. Slowly and gently insert the dilator, allowing your body to adjust and accommodate the size. If discomfort arises, pause and take deep breaths until you feel relaxed before proceeding further.

Step 6: Gradual Progression
Once the initial size feels comfortable, gradually progress to the next size. This process can take days, weeks, or even months, depending on individual circumstances. Patience and self-compassion are essential throughout the journey.

Step 7: Consistency and Persistence
Regular and consistent use of dilators, as advised by your healthcare provider, is key to achieving optimal results. Aim to practice with the dilators for a few minutes each day, gradually increasing the duration as comfort levels improve.

Step 8: Transition to Sexual Intimacy As you make progress and experience increased comfort and confidence, you can work with your healthcare provider to transition from dilator use to engaging in sexual activities with a partner. Open communication and a supportive partner are crucial during this phase.

What lubricant should I use with my dilators?

We offer a range of lubricants to be used with the dilators in our shop.

How can I clean my dilators?

Wash the dilators with warm water and mild soap. Pat dry and allow to fully air dry before storing them. We recommend that you store your silicone dilators wrapped in a clean cotton cloth; GCS dilators can be stored in the supplied storage pouch. Never soak your dilators in alcohol or sterilising solutions containing alcohol, especially with the rigid plastic or GCS dilators. Soul Source dilators may be wiped with an alcohol-based solution, but be sure to rinse off any residue before storing them.

Can dilators be sterilised by autoclave or boiling?

GCS and Rigid Plastic dilators can NEVER be boiled or autoclaved.

Silicone dilators may be sterilised by boiling for 15 minutes or by autoclave. If you have a problem with yeast infections, you may add two tablespoons of vinegar to two quarts of water for boiling.

What are Soul Source dilators made of?

Soul Source silicone dilators are hand-cast using 100% silicone rubber. Silicone rubber is flexible and resilient with a texture that resembles body tissue. Our GCS and Rigid Plastic dilators are hand cast using polyurethane plastic for situations where a rigid dilator is needed. For quality assurance, all of our dilators are inspected, washed, and sealed before shipping.

Why are the GCS dilators curved?

Soul Source GCS dilators were designed by a leading GCS surgeon to address the specific anatomical needs of GCS patients.

What is the difference between a dilator and a sex toy?

Sex toys are designed to provide sexual stimulation. Some vibrate; some are anatomically correct to resemble a penis. Dilators are therapeutic devices and can be used without the need for sexual stimulation. Sexual pleasure is not its purpose, the key is to use it as prescribed.

Can I return my dilators if I decide not to use them?

If you think that your dilator may be defective or if feel you may have received the wrong product, or are unhappy for any reason, please contact us at to make special arrangements.

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