Elvie is an award-winning exercise tracker for your pelvic floor. Simply place inside you and Elvie links to an app that gives you feedback as you exercise. The personalised workouts were designed with the help of physiotherapists and experts from Imperial College and University of Oxford. Think of it as your most personal trainer – motivating and correcting as you exercise, and tracking your progress over time.

Why is your pelvic floor so important?

Your pelvic floor is vital in bladder, bowel, sexual function as well as trunk stability and mobility so it is important to look after your pelvic floor muscles throughout your life.

Can I use Elvie if:

• I am pregnant?
You can use Elvie during pregnancy as long as you are not suffering from any complications. Every pregnancy is unique so if you are unsure please consult your qualified medical professional before use.

• I have just given birth?
After childbirth, we recommend you wait for minimum of six weeks before using Elvie.

• I have a coil or IUD?
Elvie is safe to use if you have a coil or IUD fitted.

• I have medical condition affecting my pelvic health? Please consult your medical professional before use.

How big is Elvie?

Elvie is the smallest pelvic floor exercise tracker available: 8 x 3 x 3.2 cm. It also comes with an optional cover for custom sizing.

How do I insert and use Elvie correctly?

Elvie is easy to insert. Place inside like a tampon with the tail remaining outside, facing forward. Be sure to fully insert the pebble shaped part but not too high up. You can use water based lubricant if you wish. We recommend you use Elvie either standing or lying, legs apart.

Why is exercising with Elvie better than without?

Many women don’t know if they are doing pelvic floor exercises correctly and find it hard to stay motivated. Elvie solves both of these problems- it tells you whether you are exercising correctly and makes the workouts a fun, five minutes in your day. It also allows you to track your progress and keep trying to beat your personal best!

Is Elvie compatible with all phones?

Elvie is compatible with iPhones 4S, 5 and 6 and Android phones 4.3 and above which support Bluetooth Low Energy. Elvie is also compatible with iPads 3, 4, Air and Mini. When searching for the app on an iPad select ‘iPhone only’ from the drop down at the top left of the screen.

How safe is Elvie?

Elvie is 100% waterproof, made with the highest quality non-porous medical grade silicone and has been through rigorous safety testing. It is totally free of rubber and latex so you can use it with confidence.

How safe is Bluetooth?

Elvie uses Bluetooth Low Energy. Bluetooth is approximately 100 times less powerful that your mobile phone and Bluetooth Low Energy offers an even lower emission. The Bluetooth sensor is located in the tail of Elvie which always remains outside of the body.

How do I look after Elvie?

Elvie is very easy to look after. We’ve chosen a very hygienic and durable material so it can be cleaned using warm soapy water. During normal use it will only need charging about once a month, and can be stored in the portable carry case between uses.

How is my personal and workout data stored and kept confidential?

At Elvie we take the privacy of our customers very seriously. We ask that you create an account the first time you use Elvie so that you can log out at the end of a workout if preferred and no one else who uses your phone or tablet can see your results. We never share data with third parties and your workouts are never personally identifiable.

How often should I use Elvie?

As with all exercise we encourage women to set realistic goals, so we recommend using Elvie three times a week as a minimum. However, if you want to use Elvie even more then that’s even better!

Who designed Elvie?

Elvis was designed by Tania Boler, an internationally recognised women’s health expert and the co-founder of Chiaro, an innovative technology brand specialising in wearable tech for women, by women. With a mission to develop bold and beautiful products that make a real difference to women’s lives, Chiaro launched their first product, the revolutionary pelvic floor exercise tracker Elvie, in autumn 2015.

Tania has always been passionate about the under-researched and taboo areas of women’s health. With degrees from both Oxford and Stanford Universities, she went on to complete a PhD in Sexual Reproductive Health and has published extensive research and several books on the subject. Armed with in-depth knowledge and a talent for normalising conversation around neglected areas of women’s health, Tania went on to work with the UN and Marie Stopes, always with the vision of helping all women have candid conversations about often difficult and intimate topics. Tania considers one of her biggest achievements during her time at the UN was launching the first ever UN Curriculum on Sexuality Education.

The idea behind founding Chiaro and launching Elvie came to Tania when she was pregnant with her first child in 2011. Tania became fascinated by how different countries look after women when they are recovering from childbirth. As her husband is French, she learnt how French women receive complimentary pelvic floor physio treatments after they have given birth, whereas women in the UK are offered no such help.

As a sexual health researcher Tania was shocked at how neglected this important set of muscles were; they are vital for women’s physical and mental wellbeing. Tania realised that learning the importance of exercising the pelvic floor is one of the last uncharted territories in women’s health. The idea of creating Elvie; a small, wearable technology device, was born.

The combination of her innovative idea and innate tenacity led to the creation of Chiaro, a women-led technology company. In 2013 she attracted Jawbone’s Alexander Asseily as co- founder, raised over two million pounds in funding, won three government grants and had her second child. Chiaro’s first product, Elvie launched in October 2015, has been widely heralded as ground-breaking technology; it has a patented system of force and motion sensors so that women instantly know if they’re doing the pelvic floor exercises correctly and chart their personal ‘LV score.