Why the Buttafly is more than just a block

by Eleanor Gardner on January 29, 2021

Buttafly is a revolutionary new yoga block and meditation seat all rolled up in one clever design.

As we slowly begin to accept that modern life is not conducive to good postural habits we also need to find ways to unwind the pressures we put through our skeletal system. From an early age we sit slumped at a desk in school and so begins a lifetime of bad posture and movement. Once we have developed these habits they can go on to impact multiple areas of our health.

Time for change

Many of us will have difficulty assuming a comfortable sitting position on the floor without the inevitable fidgeting and slump creeping in. Buttafly is uniquely designed to complement the shape of the body and support you in sitting. Whether you are looking to improve and develop your yoga or pilates practice or need help finding a comfortable sitting position for breathing and meditation at home Buttafly aims to support the pelvis so that the sitting bones take our weight just as nature intended.

The benefits of Buttafly in sitting is quickly apparent. However Buttafly is much more than just a postural cue in sitting. In a series of videos designer Louise James takes us through the various ways you can use Buttafly, perfectly demonstrating its versatility and clever design.

The Buttafly posture block is available from our shop starting at £36.00.