New brand of sportswear to build your strength from the inside out.

by Eleanor Gardner on January 29, 2021

Autumn brings another exciting launch for Pelvic Relief as we partner with EVB Sport.

EVB Leggings support and activate your core muscles. A stronger core means increased confidence and support and an ability to exercise in comfort and safety with fewer embarrassing leaks.

Many women experience pelvic floor weakness after childbirth, around menopause or due to lifestyle factors. This can cause urinary incontinence. For some women this means an embarrassing leak when laughing, sneezing or coughing, for others leaking may be more severe with the need for pads everyday. As if this wasn't enough pelvic floor weakness can also result in lower back pain or organ prolapse.

We know that high impact sports such as running or HIT increases the forces through the pelvic floor making some of these symptoms worse - perhaps you only leak when you go for a run? Experiencing this can often result in women no longer enjoying or participating in the sport they love.

EVB Sportswear are engineered to support the pelvic floor in the right way. The sling effect takes the pressure off the muscles of the pelvic floor and allows them to work in the way they should, thus improving strength and regaining the core stability vital to health.

How is this achieved? The unique design and patent pending technology of EVB Leggings means lower back support, perineum support, uplift compression and an ability to activate deep core muscles.

Just like Yvonne Brady who designed the sportswear I am a mother of 3 and a marathon runner with extremely high expectations of my sportswear. On my first run in my EVB Leggings I immediately fell in love with the support they gave me but every area of comfort has been considered, they look great with their ergonomic seams and smoothing shape enhancement, they are comfortable with moisture wicking fabric and reduced chaffing. They even have a discreet pouch to hold a pad in place while you work on improving your strength from the inside out and soon you will be saying goodbye to embarrassing leaks and pads forever.

Join the hundreds of women experiencing the benefits of engineered support and get back to what you love. EVB Leggings come in sizes 8 - 18 at £77.50 from the Pelvic Relief shop.

Eleanor and the team at Pelvic Relief