Is your pelvic floor keeping pace with your January exercise goals?

by Eleanor Gardner on January 29, 2021

Happy New Year! I hope you have all enjoyed a relaxing holiday season. Perhaps like me you have embarked on a more active January and it is time to start thinking about how you can start up that fitness regime in the safest possible way for your pelvic floor.

What am I really talking about here? Well, any impact sports (running, netball, jumping) can increase the forces that go through your pelvic floor by 3-7 times bodyweight and many women experience stress urinary incontinence when they exercise a result of this. Here is the rub: you need a strong core to exercise safely, cardio is an important part of any fitness or weight loss programme, being overweight can put you at increased risk of suffering stress UI. Before we all retreat back under the duvet in a fog of mild pelvic floor depression enter our knight in shiny lycra: EVB Sportswear.

Designed by engineer and mum of 3 Yvonne Brady EVB sportswear activates the core muscles, engages the pelvic floor and supports the lower back for increased muscular strength and performance. Let's say it is like a sports bra for your pelvis! This means we can run, jump and hop our way back to pre Christmas fitness and end up with a stronger core and pelvic floor than we started with *cue jumping high five.

Now we know EVB is the answer let me give you a few buying tips. The sizing is special - this sportswear is designed to be supportive (the bonus is this is that it is also flattering) so here is what you need to do:

Measure around your waist band on or just above your naval

Select your EVB size based on this size chart

EVB Sportswear size chart
Remember everyones bodyshape varies so if you are an apple, pear or hourglass you may find you really have to wriggle into your EVB.

Don't panic - they will NOT rip! Once on the will fit to you like a second skin.

The waist should then feel secure but not uncomfortable.

If you are worried or unsure just contact us and we will be happy to help.

We know purchasing online isn't always easy - we are always happy to exchange sizes.

So whether it is the Olympics 2020, the London Marathon in April, the 5km challenge, playing with the kids new space hopper or back to netball that is your personal goal make EVB sportswear part of your January plan.

EVB Sportswear is available in our online shop *cue second jumping high five.